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Your solution to social distancing and geographic limitations.

Safe, Scalable, Superb.

Give peace of mind to your clients and instant gratification to prospective buyers with an open house that's professionaly hosted by our concierges.

Live Virtual Events

With our professional concierge, you'll be the star of the show, while we feed you the right questions at the right time.

Invite Hundreds of Viewers

During your event, we'll manage the flow of visitors, allowing you to stay comfortable to provide a superb open house.

Post the Replay

Afterward, you'll get a professionally hosted video link for your to use in your marketing efforts.

The Visitor Experience

  1. REGISTER - Visitors simply reserve a spot for your event and provide their contact information in order to get the viewing link.
  2. EMAIL - We'll send each visitor an email with all the details. All they need is a computer or smart device.
  3. ATTEND - On the day of the event, visitors log in with the link we sent them. We'll even send a reminder. 

Take your open house to the next level


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